Rotamic Aerospace Engineering - Sectors


Rotamic has worked to supplied customers in the aerospace sector for over 20 years and this currently forms the largest market segment we supply.

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Rotmaic - Aerospace


After securing AS 9100 we now work with several major aerospace companies, supplying a wide range of components and assemblies, most are shipped to stock, using Kan Ban, and JIT. Our defence programmes are with all the major primes.

Rotmaic - Defence


We are delighted to be a key partner in a rapid response cell for Formula One motor racing. We also manufacture various components and assemblies for classic and vintage sports cars and vintage motorcycles.

Rotamic - Automotive

Manufacturing / Industrial

All other parts we manufacture would come under this umbrella and could be as simple as a washer or as complex as a complete set of seal housings for a gas compressor.

Rotamic - Manufacturing / Industrial


We manufacture Medical devices and parts that are assembled into surgical medical equipment.

Rotamic - Medical


Rotamic Engineering has for many years produced different types of specialised devices and assemblies for customers. These have included laser profilers and radar proximity monitoring devices, speed detection equipment, specialist deep-sea diving equipment, subsea housings and ultrasonic flow-measurement components.

Rotamic - Specialist

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